ON MY MK summits year 2018

ON MY MK, the mekka for the mk23 lovers summits its year and its a impressive list.

ON MY MK is a great blogthat gives the MK23 community a great value. If you have or are thinking of getting an MK23 then this is the blog for you. Visit them on onmymk.com

Highlights (text from onmymk.com)

ON MY MK was launched. Yep, 2nd of February 2018 was the official launch date of our website and blog. In that time, we have had 45,000 site page views, 12,500 sessions by 6300 unique users, 12,100 blog post views, 450 FB likes, 464 IG follows. These may seem like low numbers by today’s standards, but for our little blog, we are totally thankful for these figures, to our community partners, the community and consider this to be a huge success!

ON MY MK went to IWA. Brad attended the IWA 2018 exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany by invitation from Modify Tech airsoft. This was an airsoft life changing experience and gave us an appreciation and insight in to a very rarely seen side of the airsoft industry and the effort manufacturers make to release their new products! There was also much currywurst and fine lager consumed.

Gary Fox joined the team. Gary joined ON MY MK as a content writer and was picked up for his excellent community presence, great technical knowledge across all platforms, but most importantly for his passion for the MK23 platform. He’s continued to be an asset since, both online and in the field where we have skirmished together.

We met some pretty cool MK23 owners. This year Gary and I had the means to travel to some “away” games and met up with some of the most recognized (and some less known, but equally enthusiastic) MK23 users currently active in the stealth community.

To name a few, we had the pleasure of gaming with AirsoftCamman, CleanShot, Snakethesniper, KickingMustang, Steakthesniper, The Cheetah, Belgian Sniper, Sniper Ops, SniperMechanic. Meeting and seeing others enjoy and appreciate using the MK23, has been the driving force for us, and we expect it only to get stronger as we move in to 2019.

Brad appeared on the Airsoft Nation podcast. In his first live interview, the tale of the MK23 and the ON MY MK origins were shared to the world, with his passion hopefully converting a fair few players to the MK23 cult.

Read the full onmymk.com post here

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